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New to Homeschooling? The 5 practical things you need to get started now!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

After Cobb County Schools announced their decision to meet online for a period of time this fall, I have been getting a lot (and I mean a lot) of phone calls about Classical Conversations (CC), about homeschooling in general, the laws about homeschooling in GA, and what we do as a homeschool community here in West Cobb County. If you have decided to homeschool next year, I want to be of help to you, and to get you the information that you need to succeed as quickly as possible. So here it is, the quick and easy guide to homeschooling for new homeschooling parents in the state of Ga.

As you begin to do your research, here is what you really need to know:

1) There are laws. GA homeschool laws are pretty easy to abide by, but you do need to know that they exist, and you do need to abide by them. Go here to find out more:

2) Homeschooling is nothing like virtual schooling. (Virtual schooling is usually an option if you want that relationship with the public school, but that is not what homeschooling is.) But if you want to have an experience that doesn't have much to do with sitting in front of a computer five days per week, then homeschooling might be a better option for you. Here is a video we did in an attempt to support parents who were "COVID" schooling that explains some of the differences between homeschool and online public school in case you will find it helpful. This is a longer video, but well worth the time! (Special thanks to Jason at Thrivent for hosting this call!)

3) We homeschool classically here at CC for the following reasons:

a) We believe it works with the "bent" of the child, and allows the child to learn in the way that they are most naturally suited to at each age level.

b) We believe that classical education has the longest and best track record of positive results. (It was the way most people were educated for over 1000 years up until the 1900s.)

c) We want our children to learn how to learn, not just to learn "content". This helps what they do in "school" to be valuable in the rest of life.

d) If you want to learn more about classical education, here is a video with a brief summary of what we do. (After viewing, click the subsequent videos to learn more).

4) We homeschool with a Biblical worldview at the center here at CC. There are a number of reasons for that. Here's a video that talks about our why:

Here is a recent blog post about why we choose Christian education if you'd prefer to read instead of watch:

5) There are lots of ways to homeschool. Some of them give you a curriculum and a lesson plan, and some don't. We really do believe that CC can be a great fit for everyone, even people who are only homeschooling for one year. Here are 14 reasons why:

However, if after you read through our website, you find that Classical Christian Education doesn't appeal to you, we still want you to have the support you need. You are the parent and you get to decide what is right for your child. Here is a link that explains the different types of homeschooling.

If you want more information about homeschooling in GA, check out the Georgia Homeschool Association website. They have a good "Getting Started" section entitled "Homeschool Basics".

Interested in finding out more about us? Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and join an information meeting from the comfort of your own home! You'll find the links to register for one on the calendar here: (Click on any day with a dot to access registration for these free events)

Whatever you decide, we wanted you to have one quick place to get the information that you need to begin making choices for your students for the fall.

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