Meet Tues. Elementary Programs Director, Dr. Zee Satterwhite

Updated: Jun 24

1. Tell me about yourself.

For more than a decade I devoted my educational career to creating innovative approaches to engage, motivate and inspire youth. I never imagined that the birth of my first child (now 10) would serve as a catalyst for my departure from public school education.

Now a homeschool mom of three,

I am humbled by the lessons in faith that I have gained, simply by giving God an initial "Yes!".

Serving as a NW Georgia Support Representative and Director of Foundations & Essentials, I am committed to growing learning communities centered on knowing God

and making him known. My greatest joys come from dating my husband of 14 years, and having a front row seat in the never a dull moment life of my tribe.

2. What made you decide to apply to direct?

I tutored my first year in community, which I greatly enjoyed as it allowed me to learn in tandem with my kids and really grow more than I imagined. When I was approached the following year with the question of directing, my decision rested in the fact that there is just something about doing life with faith-minded parents committed to learning and growing together that sparked a fire in me to serve wherever it was needed.

How does directing bring you joy?

As I enter my fourth year directing, I welcome the opportunity to empower moms like myself who simply need to be reminded that God has a plan, and we get the privilege of stewarding our children in the knowledge of Him. I get a thrill out of living vicariously through the children as they engage in hands on Science experiments, memorize scriptures, sign history sentences or discover a new appreciation for art and orchestra. It's amazing to see their brains soak up so much in so little time.

The beauty of community is that families have an opportunity to link our faith--sharing in testimonies of God-wink moments with our children, being strengthened through accountability and support, and graciously learning to do hard things well.

How can people who are interested in your program reach out to you?

To learn more about CC W.Cobb Tuesday community or to receive information about Classical Conversations or homeschooling resources,


tel: 404-590-0876

Connect with me on instagram /ccwestcobb

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