Meet Tues. Elementary Programs Director, Dr. Zee Satterwhite

"Faith is being sure of the thing we hope for... (Hebrews 11:1)  My greatest hope as a director is that God remains the center."

- Dr. Zee Satterwhite

Tell me about yourself

Greetings! I'm Zee, a child of the King, a devoted wife of 12 years and counting, and a mother to three "never a dull moment" children (ages 7, 6, and 3). I love bowling (league style), icebreakers, escape rooms and worshipping God.

I'm blessed to have served in the public and private sector with over a decade experience in a myriad of roles: middle school educator, teacher mentor, writer/director of student-led productions, and educational consultant. My greatest lessons in faith, family and fulfillment however, have come from the humbling role of motherhood. Furthermore, it has fueled a passion for encouraging and motivating stay at home moms. I'm honored to serve as Director for a K-12 homeschool community that is committed to knowing God and making him known.

When and why did you decide to homeschool

It was never my plan to homeschool. In fact, I made every effort to research and secure my first born's education outside of the home. But GOD! It seemed like every attempt I made to find the best environment conducive for my oldest child's severe food allergies and growing skin issues simply failed. I recall vividly laying before the Lord and pouring out my heart. Through tears, I flipped through the pages of an old journal and landed on "A Letter to My Unborn Seed."  I couldn't even remember the year I penned it, but it was long before marriage and kids. It read more like a prayer and one line, in particular, touched me marrow-deep.

"God, for everything that I invest in other people's children, give me the space to invest that and more in my own."

God you sure do have a sense of humor. It was in 2016 that I wiped away those unsure tears and set out on the journey to fulfill a call to learn alongside my children. I look back only to give thanks for His grace sufficient to carry me through day by day.

What led you to classical conversations and what do you like most about it

My initial introduction to Classical Conversations came at 2am while waiting with my niece in the emergency room. I was sharing with her mom my first year of homeschooling experience, when a nurse appeared out of nowhere with her cell phone in hand demanding that I read about this homeschool program that she uses with her son. Her excitement alone struck me as a bit manic. But I remember thinking if she can homeschool while working part time as a nurse, and leave me with her phone for over an hour in hopes that I would share in her joy, surely I could give it attention.

Two years later, I ran into an old church friend of my husbands' who I learned homeschooled her children using Classical Conversations. Once again, I found myself having a God-wink moment.

One visit to a CC Open House confirmed my philosophy of education-- the confidence needed to believe learning is accessible and obtainable for any child lies in equipping parents with manageable, effective tools to aid in life-long learning for both child and parent.

What made you decide to apply to direct

Here we are again with my plans being laughable. I thought for sure I would focus on homeschooling my children as my primary focus for the first couple of years of CC.

Short-lived to say the least. I tutored the first year, which I greatly enjoyed as it allowed me to learn in tandem with my kids and really grow more than I imagined. When I was approached the following year with the question of directing, it wasn't met with an immediate yes (seeing a pattern here). Ultimately, my decision rested in the fact that there is just something about doing life with a like-minded community committed to learning and growing together that sparked a fire in me to serve wherever it was needed.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

Each year that I'm graced to direct, I see it as an opportunity to serve well,  lead by prayer and daily submission to God, and have fun creating memories that pass so swiftly. I get a thrill out of living vicariously through the children as they engage in hands on Science experiments, memorize scriptures, sign history sentences or discover a new appreciation for art and orchestra. It's amazing to see their brains soak up so much in so little time. I look forward to empowering moms like me who simply need to be reminded that God has a plan, and we get the privilege of being in his play book. We can trust that He has the next move already figured out. Rest in that.

How does faith inform your work as a director

Faith is being sure of the thing we hope for... (Hebrews 11:1)  My greatest hope as a director is that God remains the center. I need Him to be the center because then I'm less inclined to believe I'm doing anything, but instead that He's ordering my steps, allowing me to learn lessons that refine me as a child, a mother, a lead learner and a director.

The beauty of community is that we have an opportunity to link our faith--to intercede for one another, to share in testimonies of "ah ha" moments with our children, to reaffirm that we're not alone, to lean into God more when our frailties are exposed, and to dole out grace as we need it daily to hold fast to the confession of our faith.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us.

Wherever you find yourself on the unpredictable journey of homeschooling, remember that God's promises are sure. Your children are in good hands because He's yet molding and shaping you for them.

How can people who are interested in your program reach out to you?

To learn more about CC W.Cobb Tuesday community, information about Classical Conversations or homeschooling tip/tricks and resources, email


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