Meet Junior High School Tutor, Steph Loewen!

Steph is our Challenge A Tutor (ages 12-14).

1. Tell me about yourself.

Homeschooling brings me great joy! My husband of 28 years and I have three children, 12, 15, 17. I'm consistently grateful for the opportunity to spend my life alongside these kiddos and to be active and present for their days. Experiencing that little face when the ah-ha moments come can't be replaced. It makes the hard moments worth it every time!

2. What led you to decide to apply to direct?

I am a first year director and super excited to get to see these moments on the faces of even more children. I love to learn and I love to bring others to the space where they are learning too. Challenge A incorporates my favorite stage and strands. I'm also looking forward to redeeming my own education. It will be a great year!

3. How can people who are interested in your program reach out to you?


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