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Meet High School Tutor, Mary Aldrich!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Mary is our Challenge IV Tutor (ages 17+).

1. Tell me about yourself.

Certified Life Coach, Podcast host, author, speaker, and second generation homeschooler, Mary Aldrich hasn’t always been in a place of thriving with ease. As a young mom with 7 kids under 10, she found herself emotionally over extended, and energetically depleted. Her discovery of Classical Conversations and life coaching radically transformed her life and the lives of her family. As a Challenge IV director with CC, her greatest passion is to help those around her connect with true peace in the midst of chaos, build valuable relationships among a culture of division, and live abundantly as believers in Jesus.

2. What led you to decide to apply to direct?

I am very aware that these programs cannot happen without parents who are willing to step up and serve. I first started directing because it was the only way to make it happen. After I began directing though, I discovered that having a key role is an easy way to build deeper relationships with others in the community as well. I also discovered how much directing helped me parent and homeschool better at home because I have my own deadlines and accountability built in to be adequately prepared. The opportunity to be the lead learner for my children has grown me in ways I didn't anticipate. I love learning with them.

3. What about directing brings you joy?

I LOVE seeing the students come alive, whether it's over something interesting in nature that shows them more about the Creator, or through wrestling in conversation about a controversial topic. Our goal is to know God and make him known, and we really mean that. Watching the kids experience that is worth all the work.

4. How can people who are interested in your program reach out to you?


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